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Mission Statement; Philosophy of Care

When I arrived on Quadra 11 years ago right away I felt sheltered by the physical place here; the wildness, thr wooded winding roads and mountains on almost every horizon. I reflect now that here was where it felt right.

The question I have for myself, and one which I hope to expand further with this blog and business is what does it mean to be part of a small community from scratch?

Although not explicit in day to day conversations, our collective values are what we build our expectations on for how we will live in our older age.

These are the values I hope to live up to as a caregiver in my community.

Equality: I want to live in a world where a person in need can ask for help without hesitation and receive attention quickly.

Respect and Reliability; routine is often a big part of setting ourselves up for success.

Interdependence; my philosophy of care recognizes that our individual wellness is intricately woven with the wellness of those around us. Asking for and accepting assistance are both difficult steps for many strong and independent adults.


I provide personalized home care to seniors or those who require support with the activities of daily life. Respite care is available through team home as well.

In addition to home support, team home can provide regular security visits to vacation homes or your home left while you are away.

Yes, home is a geographical place; home is also a feeling of collective safety and security.

This website serves as an online presence for my small home care and security business. 

Please see the Services Page for details of what my team can help with.

NOTE: January 2021 will be my first official month of business under a new business name. It will take some time to be fully functioning. #UnderConstruction

Interested Clients; please contact me by email or text message:

Do you have any questions about local caregiving? 

Do you have important information/resources that caregivers or those in need of care could benefit from directly on Quadra Island? 

250 830 7930

Send me an email at

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Caring as a profession, caring as an act of service for local community health.

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